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Monday, 18 February 2013

Asian Couture Week

The Vivienne Westwood/ Dans La Vie fashion film Oyster starring yours truly was screened at London Fashion Week last year to general acclaim, but I'm not at LFW this year- probably just as well, as I'm already up to my eyeballs with organising photo shoot trips all over the UK, USA and Asia!

While I was shooting in Singapore last November I was contacted by the director of Oyster, the Head of Fashion Film at Nick Knight's SHOWstudio and my good friend Marie Schuller. I couldn't believe we just so happened to both be in Singapore at the same time! She was shooting a fashion film about Asian Couture Week for SHOWstudio and invited me along to hang out and enjoy the show with her and her friend Sue.

 Marie shooting her film Eastern Promises with the runway models at Asian Couture Week

How could I say no?! We got great seats to see some of Asia's premiere couturiers and their work was nothing short of jaw-dropping!

This is me wandering around the venue before even the VIPs were let in to see what I could see...

 Wardrobe Polaroids backstage

Trying to figure out if I could possibly make off with that red dress without getting caught. All exits guarded by bouncers :(

I changed out of my little summer dress (Singapore is HOT in November!) and into latex for the party, of course... I got snapped and papped about five million times, which made me assume that I'd be able to find at least one photo online to share with you, but apparently not.

I can share some photos of the actual runway show though; it was really spectacular. This was my favourite of the designers, Guo Pei, China's most extravagant couturier:

So, enjoy LFW if you are there this year, but don't get too Western-centric with fashion. Asian designers are equally amazing and they know how to put on a show!

Anita xxxx