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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Twilight Siren, Lady Lucie Latex, Sean McCormack & me

A lot of people seemed interested in the photo in my last blog, so I thought I'd post another that was taken in my home! This shot is by Sean McCormack, who I have shot with many times in Ireland, but this was the first time we'd worked together in London! You might have already seen some of our work in his photo books Anita De Bauch and Anita De Bauch: Chameleon. This time we were shooting for Twilight Siren!

Neck corset and pasties: Twilight Siren | Latex leggings: Lady Lucie | Styling: moi

It's fun to do something a bit more punky after the epic amounts of vintage 1920s - 50s work I've been doing for the last few months :) Having said that, I'm particularly looking forward to my shoot on Friday, which will be recreating my heroine Marlene Dietrich in a vintage London hotel room! I just can't wait! I'm so nerdy about exactly how she did her hair and makeup and was lit and so on, it will be great to really put that knowledge into practice :D

Lots of love,

Anita xxxxx