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Saturday, 16 February 2013

What's your favourite bodily quirk?

Well, I just booked myself some plane tickets to Singapore and Hong Kong! I always visit for a few weeks every winter- one continent's worth of photographers isn't enough for me ;) but the calibre in Asia is so exceptional that I just couldn't wait for November to roll around so I'm back for a quick three-week spin around southeast Asia in April :D

Until then, here is a shot from Singapore during my tour of winter 2012 by Solo Step Studio:

And now here's a snap of Elena, the photographer, editing me to airbrushed perfection on her computer! The most important thing when it comes to flattering a woman is good lighting (remember to have your Anglepoise above your eye-line and in line with the tip of your nose when taking webcam selfies for Facebook, ladies!) but good editing is also important for that flawless look in the final image!

I'm glad my "fivehead" wasn't edited out though... that's one bigger than a "forehead"! What's your favourite bodily quirk? :)