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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Home sweet home

I don't actually shoot from home all that often, but I have just had some more home shoot photos through from a shoot I did with Dave 24601 just last week :) The shoot was only two hours long, but surprisingly productive, with three different looks. This was the first- a kind of beauty-boudoir look in my very own boudoir, where I sleep every night...

I love freshly dyed hair ^_^

Peeking out of the guest bedroom porthole. I'd love to redecorate this room with a Victorian nautical theme!

I did all the styling on this shoot. That's my dressing table behind me :)

Madame Bink, Jack Broadbent and their dog Major were visiting last week and we went out in Camden, the first time I've been out there since Amy Winehouse passed away. We went to some of my favourite pubs, BrewDog, Black Heart and Blues Kitchen, and also had lots of time to chill out at home and have a good old gossip and a catch up. I love my Binky!

Apologies if you already saw this on Instagram!

I've also started putting together plans for redecorating my lounge; something like this!! I just ordered this incredibly luxurious velvet flock wallpaper to feature behind the fireplace; I really need to get the room painted first but I got overexcited!

It's duck egg blue with purple velvet flock ♥

Anita xxxx