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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Jane Doe Latex at Torture Garden Fetish Ball & my 1st TG, age 18!

Who knew that clicking the 'Drafts' tag in my blog dashboard would reveal a bunch of pictures that never got posted? It's obviously where I started writing a blog, got distracted, saved it, and then forgotten about it. I even had to check my CV (also horribly out of date, I've had at least one new cover) to find out when they were from!

So! Welcome to some backstage pics from Torture Garden last year, where I actually did two shows; the first was in January/ February (not sure >.<) for Jane Doe Latex, one of the very best designers out there, wardrobe creator to many celebrities including Marilyn Manson and one of my very favourites! I have modelled for the Jane Doe online catalogue many times but this was my first live show with them :)

Backstage with Nina Kate, the designer :) Her tattoos are amazing!

I wore these shoes to do runway *nods*

Me in my latex ensemble for the show. I like this photo because I look like a boy :)

A bit of self-stalking on MySpace (remember MySpace?) also uncovered this little gem- a photo taken at my first TG, indeed my first fetish party, when I was 18! I still remember, it was the NYE Ball and Liam and I had been together nearly a year (we just celebrated our 9th anniversary last month)!

Yes, that's me with the big pink dreads. I wasn't modelling at this stage, but you can see that I was already into corsets! I made hair extensions like these ones for a living and was in my first year of a Psychology degree. Don't remember who the lady on the left was!

I believe the photographer was called Bobette, because when I did start modelling and had no pictures for my portfolio, I tracked him down and emailed him to ask if I could use the photos he took of me in the nightclub! Would you believe it? He was very kind though, and let me use them and wished me luck, but I imagine he was just thinking, "... really?" :p Oh well, I got some good photos in the end, didn't I??

Anita xxxx