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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Anita De Boudoir: Sparkling Boudoir Home Shoots with Full Vintage Styling and Professional Lighting Equipment!

Great news! I can now offer chic, fabulous, gorgeous home shoots from my 1930s North London apartment in my newly decorated boudoir! Let me give you the tour, starting with the hallway outside the boudoir itself (I did the styling):

The light, bright room has a high ceiling, lit by a crystal chandelier on a dimmer switch, for adjustable Tungston lighting.

The sparkling silver wallpaper is an exact replica of the bedroom wallpaper at the The Ritz during the 1940s! My cat and suitcases can be moved on request ;)

The birdcages are tea light holders and can be lit on request for added atmosphere. The bars cast pretty shadows on the walls and ceiling :)

The bed is dressed in designer silver satin studded with scintillating rhinestones and accessorised with velvet and rhinestone cushions.

The large window catches plenty of light, which is gently diffused by the simple white nets, creating a romantic lighting effect using only natural light.

This is my combined dressing table/ open plan wardrobe. I think that if you buy some nice hats and shoes, it's a shame to shut them away where no-one can see them! The pillar can be used as a prop for posing.

My dressing table... it's fun to do shots using the mirror and makeup. I'm also planning on buying a vintage silver hairbrush and hand mirror set for this area :)

Some of my headwear, which can be used for shoots, of course...

I also have a vintage hypodermic set and some medical books. Just because.

I would like to offer you a boudoir package that includes:
  • a professional and highly experienced lingerie model, trained at the Yerburys' Boudoir Academy, shooting your choice of fashion/ glamour, lingerie and/ or nudes. If you plan on taking on boudoir clients, I'm the perfect person to practise on/ learn from before trying it with a complete newbie!
  • location: my silver boudoir
  • professional lighting equipment
  • my classic and vintage wardrobe, including lingerie, corsets, dresses, shoes, stockings, hats, gloves and jewellery
Modelling for Playful Promises. I did the hair and makeup and got to keep the lingerie!
  • levels: fashion to art nude
  • my own authentic period hair and makeup styling, carried out to a professional standard in your choice of 1920s, 30s, 40s or 50s
  • a small library of inspiring model photography books
  • free street parking, secure NCP car park, 5 minute walk from East Finchley tube station and 2 minute walk from local bus stops
  • light refreshments
These convenient and unique boudoir packages are priced as follows: 

2 hours: £100 £80!
3 hours: £150 £100!

Please click here to see when I'm free and then e-mail me at to discuss your booking!

Anita x