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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Pet & Pony Girls Latex Cat!

I found these cute previews from a fetish site I've modelled for once or twice called Pet & Pony Girls (they also do a couple of other sites like Steel Submission) floating around on the interwebz and thought I'd share as I'm shooting for them again next month. The couple who run it are absolutely lovely to work with, so good to their models, and they have lots of cats- actual feline ones, not human ones like me :)

Click the image for larger version!

You might have already seen this one doing the rounds on Tumblr...

Shout-out to Lady Lucie for the high-waisted latex leggings and braces, Jane Doe for the latex bra, Kaori's Latex Dreams for the gloves and Pretty Pervy for the tail! You people are amazing! I will give myself a credit for doing the makeup for this set but it's pretty nondescript, haha.

In other news, one of my real-life pet cats- I don't know which- bit a hole in one of my stockings while they were hanging out to dry AND THEN LEFT THE LITTLE MOUTHFUL OF NYLON BEHIND. I'm not talking a 20p pair of stretchy horrors from the supermarket here, these are the vintage fully fashioned seamed nylon stockings that I always wear @ £20 per pair.

Sorry if you already saw me wtf-ing over this on Twitter :p

I will wear them one last day (with boots- the hole is on front of the ankle!) and then send them to a lucky fan- you can purchase this particular pair of my worn and imperfect nylons here, if you want them- just select 'Black with Seams' from the drop-down menu and I'll post them out to you :)

In other news, I got booked to shoot in CAMBODIA next month! I'm so excited!!!!!!!11

It's more than just a job, it's a chance to visit (and shoot at!) some of the ancient temples and absorb the culture and history for a couple of days! It's going to be absolutely amazing. Definitely one to tick off my 'Life Experiences' list :)

I'm so lucky and grateful to get the opportunity to do things like this in the name of earning a living. With the recession and everything, I would probably be doing a rather less exciting job right now if it weren't for modelling. Thanks to everyone reading this for following my blog, Facebook, Twitter, buying my stuff, etc- you are contributing towards me living my childhood dream of dressing up and being a globetrotting spinster gypsy and I love you!

Yours gratefully,

Anita xxxxxxxxxx