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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

As promised, some pics for those of us not out partying tonight ;) I had a look through the cache of photos on my hard drive and couldn't find any obviously Halloween-related ones, like me dressed up as a witch or a devil or something, so my theme for this photo blog is "slightly spooky-looking photos I have shot with other models." If only I could think of a catchier title :p

This first one's an oldie from February 2010 by Adam Robertson, featuring Madame Bink. I think this was the first time Binky and I shot together... I believe we also shot the promo material for a fetish party called Festival of Sins at the same time.

This one is from my first shoot with Ivory Flame, which was also my first shoot underwater! There were two lights, one on each side, that were both supposed to fire to get an evenly lit picture, but in this particular shot, only the one on the left went off. I actually really like the dramatic effect this had :)

This is another old one, from so long ago that I don't even know what year it was! Maybe 2008? It was shot with Ulorin Vex by Gregory Brown in a crumbling insane asylum called Hellingly, which has since been demolished.

I was shooting in Spain this year with photographer Chris Zietek and his wife, Anetta. We love costumes, so I think a couple of our shots can be included in a Halloween blog :)

And a slightly more recent one of Binky and me by RHM Photographic to finish, from summer 2011 when I had short hair after a run of hair modelling jobs where it got cut/ shaved progressively shorter! Everyone calls this the "giddy up" shot!

Great shoot today! We got some great latex shots and I baked these Halloween cupcakes for the photographer and me to have with our teas :) I used brown sugar, sunflower marge, wholemeal flour and a lot of organic apricots to sweeten them, so not tooo unhealthy, I suppose... they certainly were yummy, anyway, which is the important thing!

My only other nod in the direction of Halloween this year (except writing this blog) is that I'm going to see Suspiria at The Phoenix tonight :D

It's a 70s film about a ballet school run by witches and the cinema is the oldest in Britain with original 1930s interiors, so it should be really atmospheric and cool :) Time to break out the big eyeshadow and lipstick, if ever there was one!

 Well, okay, this isn't what I'm going to wear to the cinema, it's one of the latex outfits I wore at today's shoot (thanks for the Westward Bound top, Roswell!). I'm not sure how the general public would react if I went about my daily business encased head-to-toe in skintight latex. Perhaps that's a theme for another photo shoot! But anyway, this is the makeup I'm wearing tonight.

Happy Halloween!

Dark love and vampire kisses,

Anita xxxxxxxxx