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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Mystery and Contrasts

Photographer Rayment Kirby's latest coffee table book, Mystery and Contrasts, is now available to preview and order here! It is a collection of portraits and nudes he shot of myself and three other models (including my friend Ella Rose) this summer. He and his wife are a lovely couple to work with and I'm really happy that some of our images and memories have been frozen in time in this book, so even when I'm eighty-two I can still open it up and say, "That's what I was doing in my twenties!"

I'm still shooting in Malta at the moment, although I had a day off to wander the island today. The scenery is gorgeous and the view of the bay from my bedroom balcony is so romantic. I'll blog my snaps when I'm home!

Wish you were here!

Anita xoxox