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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Photo scrapbook from my fabulous trip to Spain!

I just got home from a FANTASTIC week in Casares. Spain seems to be lucky for me; the last time I was shooting there for a week, I met my friends Roswell Ivory and Iveta Niklova, and this time I think I made new friends too, including with three adorable little Yorkshire terriers :)

I was staying at the Finca Cortesin, which was a definite improvement on the rather damp little villa I stayed in the last time I was working in Spain (yes, even Spain is bloody cold in March!) ;) It really was a beautiful 7* place to relax and re-charge, with lovely salt water swimming pools, a spa, beach club and rose gardens, and the most delicious food I think I've ever eaten!

Breakfast on the terrace <3

Here are some snaps I took at one of our shooting locations, the Finca Cortesin Beach Club. Sunshine, fresh tropical fruit under straw canopies, blue skies and the sound of the sea; it was a real paradise!

My suite was so huge and gorgeous that I couldn't resist inviting my boyfriend to join me from London for a romantic weekend. We really re-connected and it was absolute romantic bliss!

Me in the sumptuous-smelling rose gardens at the hotel, in my Bettie Page dress from Nikita Sablier <3

We also shot on the 5* golf course, which was especially fun for me as I've never been on a golf course before! With rolling emerald hills and bright blue sky I could see why Chris, the photographer, picked it :)

Chris shooting at the Golf Club

Chris in the distance, taking some time out to practise his swings!

I was also very kindly given a day off to hit the spa at the hotel, so as well as going swimming and using the steam room and sauna (which I was doing every morning before breakfast, anyway) I also got to have a pedicure and an oxyenating facial :)

 Crazy spa flip-flops that looked a bit like geisha sandals

 Pretty shell display in the spa <3 I love Victorian bell jars and was planning on having some with taxidermy birds in them on my mantlepiece; now I think I might do it with shells or other pretty objects instead :)

There's been such a lovely atmosphere in the house since boyfy and I got home; we feel like we've just come back from our honeymoon. Yesterday we went to see Prometheus in 3D at the BFI IMAX, the biggest screen in Britain, which might not be everybody's idea of romance, but we love the Alien films! We'll probably watch the 2003 cut of Alien tonight and then work our way through the trilogy with Prometheus as the beginning this time :)

Now I'm off to make an organic mushroom omelette for dinner, followed by Alien and sofa snuggles with the boyfriend and the cats, perhaps with a nice bottle of wine ;)

Have a lovely evening! I will post some sexy photos from Spain tomorrow to make sure you do ;)

Buenas noches, mi amor!

Anita xoxo