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Friday, 29 June 2012

Mother Superior and Me

It seems crazy that I could be one of the world's top fetish models, and such a regular wearer of latex and uniforms, and yet have never done a latex nun photo shoot... until now!

L-R: me and Anetta. I love transparent latex sooo much ^_^

 The rosary was actually from Vatican City!
Photographer: Chris Zietek | Latex: Westward Bound (I think!!) | Makeup: models' own

I did actually go through a brief phase of wanting to be a nun when I was about 7, because I liked the idea of living in a big house in the country with lots of other girls, not having to get married, and singing every day. Luckily, I still manage to do all three of these activities on a regular basis while also having a relationship, a wardrobe and a fabulous love life!

Bye for now, sweethearts!

Anita xoxo