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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Room service!

I have some lovely shiny latex photos from my recent week-long modelling assignment in Spain. This was taken in a very posh 7* hotel suite, and I felt perfectly comfortable in the outfit as I actually used to be a real chambermaid, before I started modelling! Can you imagine me as a chambermaid? I was awfully good at it!

Latex: Honour | Photographer and wardrobe stylist: Chris Zietek | Hair and makeup: me, naturalmente ;)

I have lots more photos to post over the coming days- no need to remind you to subscribe to my blog, of course, as I know you have already!

My little cat Lilith was sick this morning, and felt colder than usual, so today was spent worrying, dressing her in her little pink hoodie to stay warm, cuddling, poaching whitefish for her (then mashing it up, so it was easier for her to eat), wrapping hot water bottles in towels for her to sleep on, and cleaning the flat from top to bottom to try and eradicate whatever it was that set her off. Poor little baby girl!

She seems much perkier this evening though, and now I can recline in my immaculate lounge with a bottle of organic Pinot Grigio and watch Alien 3 on Blu-ray- after having poached whitefish for dinner myself. Perfect!

Yours nerdily,

Anita xxx