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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Eye of the tiger, toe of the camel

I just wanted to record two minor triumphs before I rush off to Gatwick to be jetted out to Malaga for a week's latex and boudoir modelling in the sun!

Photographer: Karl Shaw | Latex: Naucler Design | Hair: Michelle Selby | Location: Banana Studio

Minor triumph #1: I didn't completely suck at an audition
My callback for the Tesco TV ad at Spotlight today went really well. I've only ever been to half a dozen or so TV castings, all thanks to my agents, and this is the only one that I've ever felt good about! I usually curse myself as I leave for not having done something differently! Today I met the actual director and he asked me on the spot to cast for another role as well as the one I was originally up for, which I actually much preferred doing. It was very exciting as it was so spontaneous, and taking direction in front of the camera felt great. I was really buzzing! Of course, if someone better suited than me walked in straight after then I won't have got the part, but right now I'm just happy that I did a good audition :)

Minor triumph #2: I baked bread. And ate it
Liam and I were wandering back from the park on one of the mysteriously sunny days last month and saw that someone had left a bread-maker outside their house with a sign stuck to it saying, "full working order, free to a good home. Please take!", so we did. When we got it home we found the sign had been written on the back of a script from Doctors, so I guess there's a daytime TV actor living on our road, lol. Anyway, last night I successfully made a loaf of vegan wholemeal bread! It tasted fine but one side came out of the oven looking like a bum, or as someone on Facebook suggested, camel-toe.

I've really been feeling very positive these last few days. Maybe it's the detox or maybe it's just because things are going well :)

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Anita xx