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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

New Naucler Design Jubilee latex photo from Banana Studio by Stu Glen & Michelle Selby!

Did everyone have a good Jubilee weekend? I wasn't planning on celebrating but ended up being taken to see Benga at Koko with half a dozen old friends from high school, and raving the night away until it finally shut at 4 am! I got a lot of attention, no doubt because I was dressed a lot differently to the other girls there, in a black velvet and net flapper dress studded with rhinestones, with matching earrings and fully fashioned seamed black nylon stockings! There is no way I could ever go dancing in denim shorts and Converse!!

Goldie came on at the end, which was a surprise! Everyone wants a little straight up drum 'n' bass to round the night off with ;) The very last song he played was 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', which was funny and nice. Everyone knew the words, including all the grime and hip-hop kids!

I plan on going to more dubstep nights while the genre is still young and there is no homogenised 'scene' as such. There is no 'dubstep look' yet, is there? It was great what a variety of different people from different musical backgrounds were at Koko. It felt like an indoor festival :)

Cue terrible video I found on YouTube! Nothing happens until 02:00 but it gives you an idea ;)

Before rushing back to London to see Benga on Sunday night, I was working in Newcastle on the Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday was a super cool hair shoot with amazing hair, makeup and wardrobe stylists, and Sunday was a workshop at Banana Studio. I have never been there before and was amazed at what a large, high quality and diverse space it is. I will definitely be back! I was genuinely gobsmacked that eight hour workshop places with professional models and a full creative team are only £90 per photographer there! Absolutely outstanding value for money :o

Here is one of the photos from the Sunday workshop that have already been forwarded to me :)

Photographer: Stu Glen | Hair: Michelle Selby | Latex: Naucler Design

Yesterday was spent recovering in a big church-turned-pub in Muswell Hill and cleaning house, and today I'm catching up with admin :) I'm touring Ireland next month and have to get my flights and so on arranged! I'm working out of London this week, but I'm shooting in Malaga all next week so won't have time to do it then! I'm looking forward to a full week of sunshine, Rioja and shooting at some great Spanish locations :D

Must remember to bring my parasol and factor 100! If only I could bring an assistant to keep me topped up...

Love, Anita xo