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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Straight to (fetish) video

I just got home from the new little spa in my 'hood- slightly cheaper than the other one. My usual massage and facial lady is so amazing that she is always booked up weeks in advance so I thought I'd give the new place a try and the back massage I got was a pretty good way to spend an hour :) I get stiff from constantly travelling, posing at photo shoots and doing pilates, so I often get back massages and have learned to really appreciate a good one! I also love to get foot massages when I can, as I'm sure all girls who live in high heels do!

Anyway, as you have no doubt already read in my blog, I modelled for latex fetish site Latex Heaven quite recently, wearing Pandora Deluxe latex in a million dollar mansion! You can join the site here, but I also have a free video preview to share with you! <3

If you like latex, you must treat yourself to a signed photo or magazine from my online Shop!

Yesterday my friend Roswell Ivory visited from Norwich :) We met at the Tate and went on a guided tour.

 L-R: Roswell and me reflected in a piece of art at the Tate

Then we came back to mine and I made us salad and veggie pesto pulse spaghetti for lunch, then had a picnic dessert of my homemade banana bread in the park on a fluffy blanket with my cats on extendable leashes attached to a post, so they could wander round and explore a little bit. Dexter even chased away a perfectly friendly dog that came over to say hello! It wasn't wagging its tail when it ran away again, despite being about ten times Dexter's size!

We had to head home again when it started to rain, and retired to my warm lounge with some DVDs. We both love Stardust and then we watched the best bits of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (I often just skip through that DVD to watch my favourite musical numbers back to back!). 'Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend' is always so much fun to watch, of course! I just love the dancing girls in fishnet hoods and the human chandeliers!

I also love sparkly things but must disagree with Marilyn on the "I don't mean rhinestones" line! I just love a dress, corset or pair of high heels completely encrusted in sparkling rhinestones!

Sending a little glitz and sparkle your way! x

Anita xo