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Friday, 8 October 2010

More photos of Jane Doe Latex and Naucler Design :)

Om nom nom :)

Just had a rather exciting email from the photographer, Seamus Costelloe, saying that we might be shooting in one of the European fashion capitals next year... I'll say no more for now in case I jinx it, but fingers crossed! Wish me bon chance!! ;)

In the meantime, I have yet more shiny photos of me running around in latex at Left Bank (loads of people have been asking me where the location is so I thought I'd blog it!) and Kilcooley Abbey :)

Victoria Murueva did the hair and makeup in the indoor ones and I did them for the outdoor ones :) Gloves by All You Need is Glves!

My last day of my little holiday was spent getting my legs waxed, visiting The National Portrait Gallery (the one of Isabella Blow's head was so clever!) and chatting with Jane Doe about the latex bikini and garter set I'm ordering :D I can't decide whether to get:
  • Midnight blue with white detail
  • Trans blue with lime green detail

Tomorrow I'm back to "work" with a fun job assisting Emma Delves-Broughton with her book signing at Festival of Sins. It'll be funny to see myself in the books as well as on the posters and flyers etc at the event, people won't be able to get away from me, poor bastards :p