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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Lady in Red

October has been a bit of a publication-a-thon this year, with my pics of my mush on posters and flyers (see my last blog), as well as books, magazines and exhibitions :)

I've just been sent this full page from the November issue of Practical Photography (page 23):

Photographer: Gregory Brown

I've also been published in several books :)

Firstly, a book called Triptych has also just been published, which is about my trip to Spain with Iveta and Roswell Ivory, featuring photography by John Tisbury, Greg and John Evans. There are way too many photos of me in there for me to post all of them here, but here's the cover :)

L-R: Roswell, Iveta, me

There are also lots of photos of me in Nudes Alive by Gregory Brown, four of which posing nude with Ulorin Vex, including on the back cover.

 Once again, I won't post every single image of me that's in the book because there's just too many, but this is the back cover, taken at an abandoned asylum with Ulorin Vex

I also recognised Madame Bink and Ivory Flame in there :) These three top international models are also in another book by that's just been published called Barenaked, which features erotic poetry by Violtta Gabor alongside photography by Gregory Brown. I have several photos in there including this colourful double page spread :)

Flame and I have also been published in Lighting the Nude (Third Edition)- I could only preview so much on Amazon so there may well be more of my friends in there too- and Bink, Flame, Iveta Niklova, Helen Diaz and I have also been published in Instrumental Nudes :)

Me and Helen playing with an organ in an RAF church

And last but not least, photos of me by The Beauty of Abyss are currently being shown in an exhibition in Germany:

Phew, this blog took ages to write, but it's a real honour to be published by such prestigious photographers and alongside such top name models :) Bedtime now though, I'm shooting in the morning!