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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Adam Robertson Photography

Ah, the first day of my holiday in London... will be spent in a long meeting with my web designer :p

Luckily he is also a good friend so I can drink wine and force-feed him homemade cake a l'Anita while barking orders :p Tomorrow I'm going to have a big cleaning sesh (products out of hair; the house, generally; laundry; makeup brushes; bleaching teeth; taking stuff to charity shop) and make a huge vat of bolognaise so I don't have to cook lunch again for a whole week :D

As you may have noticed, I have a shiny new blog header courtesy of the ever-lovely Adam Robertson, who I shot with in Wiltshire during my Westcountry Tooh-arr last month (the bikini is by Jane Doe) :) I also have these photos back from him! :D Hair and makeup by moi, but all following Adam's art direction :)

Cows! :D

My friend Kate has started modelling under the name Gemini Rayne and is doing well already with booking dance shoots, as she's a trained ballet and pole dancer, so she can do all these amazing dance poses with the full dance outfits.

Soooo, this inspired me to get a shot of my signature uncle-at-a-wedding dance and see if anyone wants to book me for a can't-dance, shouldn't-dance shoot xD

It's the facial expression that makes it

Any takers?

Please form an orderly queue...