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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Naucler Design and All You Need is Gloves

Another chilled out day of pottering around near home :) It's amazing how just a couple of days real R&R- as opposed to just catching my breath and catching up with admin between shoots- has renewed me. Not only have my energy levels shot up, my skin is looking way better (the teeny creases in the corners of my eyes have completely gone, as have the shadows underneath them!) and I just find I'm smiling more. Yay! :) It's nothing to do with how much I enjoy modelling, it's just that when you love it this much you throw all your energy into it, which over a long period makes you very tired, so you need a break ;) I'm looking forward to getting back into it with Emma Delves-Broughton on Saturday!

Another thing that's making me smile lots is all the lovely photos I've received from my three-day assignment in Ireland with Seamus Costelloe :) I posted the first batch of the Jane Doe photos yesterday (there's more to follow!), so today I will post the ones of Naucler Design's World of Tomorrow collection and All You Need is Gloves :)

Victoria Murueva did the hair and makeup for the indoor ones and I did my own for the outdoor ones (which were taken at Kilcooley Abbey, in case anyone's interested!).

I baked a cake today :)

My plan for this evening is to drink wine and watch DVDs with Liam. Most likely going to The National Portrait Gallery tomorrow, my favourite restaurant, Vitao, for lunch and then to see Made In Dagenham at my very favourite (and luckily, very local) cinema, The Phoenix, in the evening :D