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Monday, 4 October 2010

Jane Doe Latex

I just got these photos back from my shoot in Ireland with Seamus Costelloe! We shot for three different designers over three days- Jane Doe Latex, Naucler Design and Mary McGuinness Couture, as well as the photographer-turned-glove artist Maxime Avet, and I'm really pleased with the results :) There's too much awesome to fit into one blog so these are just the Jane Doe shots! I'll post the others over the next couple of days :)

Betty Boop Look #1

Betty Boop Look #2

Cocktail, anyone? :)

I 100% recommend Jane Doe bikinis, btw, I plan on ordering one for myself shortly! The design is INCREDIBLE, so simple and elegant and yet those tops could get a cleavage out of an ironing board. Jane Doe is love!

Successfully ordered my new latex leggings AND cleaned the house today, btw. Tomorrow I will go for a jog, post off some more stuff from my blog sale and go to my acting class :)