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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Festival of Sins

Had quite an entertaining night at Festival of Sins last night. I was working for Emma Delves-Broughton, who was there doing a book signing of Kinky Nature.

You can't quite tell in this photo, but I was wearing my new boots. They are surprisingly comfy and easy to walk in :D

My quest to find the Ultra Vixens doing their photo booth thing with Bizarre was unsuccessful, but then I was on the stall most of the time, which was a good vantage point for people-watching. FoS doesn't have a dress code that I'm aware of so there was an odd combination of people in head-to-toe latex and hoods, guys flat-out walking around with their cocks out and real "vanilla" looking dudes in jeans and trainers. Strange! The DJs were really good though :)

As predicted my face was plastered all over the inside of the club on various posters. I forgot to put the flash on when I snapped most of them so they didn't come out, but luckily this particular poster had a spotlight over it, so I got it!

I'm the one in the polka dot PJs and smeared lipstick :D The clock over Emma Tiger's crotch and the little wooden one in the middle foreground are from my kitchen and living room, respectively :p Photo by Team Binkertson

It was fun to see my other friends (and feel compelled to cup one of Nikki Sablier's amazing boobs for a photo. Sorry, Nikki) and eventually end up drinking wine and chatting away with Emma and Liam until 4 am before finally crashing out!

I'm also on the cover of the flyer for the next event (Sloth) on 11th December, so I took a snap of a couple of them this morning along with my pass from last night. Another one to add to my souvenir collection (I was nice and gave them the bit that goes around your neck back when I left) :)

Right now I am cooking a massive crispy aromatic duck that I marinaded myself in sugar and soy sauce. It smells sooo good! Just need to defrost some Chinese pancakes and slice up some cucumber and spring onions and I'm good to go for a major calorie-loading session :D