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Saturday, 28 November 2015

New art nude, the lovely bones

I love thoughtful, slightly abstract art nude work that encourages you to see the human body with a different perspective than you might normally. Case in point: this beautiful exhibition image by Ian Farrell. I really enjoyed working with Ian and hope to do more with him soon.

Skincare by Bareskin Beauty

Today is a "beauty day" in preparation for near-constant touring between now and Christmas. For any photographer who might read my blog and would like to work with me, these are the only dates I have left available this year. Next year is looking pretty rammed right up until April, too, so I'd advise grabbing one of these dates if you possibly can:

  1. Wednesday 9 December- Cambridgeshire- full day available
  2. Saturday 12 December, 3.20 - 6.20pm @ Art Asylum Studio, Weymouth, Dorset, £150 all-inclusive
  3. Sunday 13 December, morning only- anywhere between Plymouth and Perranporth, Devon/ Cornwall
That's it! 

Now it's time to get a full body wax, a vintage half-moon manicure for the Hollywood Glamour workshop I'm modelling for tomorrow, dye my hair, and put on a lovely green Bareskin Beauty face mask while I pack my new hot pink Diane Von Furstenberg suitcase with extra props and goodies ^_^

I might also make some of this stuff today, if I have time; it looks divine, and I'm sure the photographers at the workshop wouldn't mind testing it for me :)

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