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Monday, 16 November 2015

The 90s is my favourite era for street fashion and music!

Some moody 90s-inspired fashion portraits shot by talented photofervor earlier this month :) I did the styling with Mya Minerals makeup, and skincare is by Bareskin Beauty.

I love 90s alt rock like Nirvana and Placebo, 90s gangster rap like NWA and Snoop, and select electro/ rave from 90s to modern, really, like dubstep and brostep. I think people expect me to be listening Glenn Miller and Doris Day in my car when I roll up to shoots, but it's the 30s/ 40s/ 50s visual style I like, not so much the music! I guess the bands of the day sounded new and exciting at the time, but it just doesn't translate to me post-60s.

Late 90s/ early Noughties music videos are my favourite, too (except Die Antwoord). Here are a couple of classics that I think really capture the flavour of what I like to imagine the decade was like!

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