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Friday, 8 November 2013

'The Lion Tamer' by Shawn Bishop feat. Jemma Funge & Ulorin Vex

In contrast to the moody, grainy black and white portraits in my last photo blog, I thought I'd post these fun brightly coloured ones from last month's shoot with Jemma Funge and Ulorin Vex, shot by Shawn Bishop at Scarlet Door :)

The theme was "lion tamer", with Jemma as the tamer and Chris (Ulorin) and me as lions :) I let my hair turn really blonde for this one specially. We all did our own hair and makeup. Click the images for larger versions!

This one kind of reminds me of those Dove adverts, or maybe a Bare Skin Beauty advert, as that's all I use on my skin :) Kind of wish I'd lifted my elbow a bit higher to avoid my little bicep bulge and armpit cleavage but other than that I really like this picture!

I've got four full days of shooting in the southeast and southwest starting tomorrow, followed by another block of four days in the southeast, followed by four days up north, so thought I'd blog again today as I won't have time again for a little while, and my backlog of images to share is building up!! My last days I can guarantee to be available this year are 13th and 14th November, so please email me at if you'd like to book either date :) £170 per half-day or £280 for a full day + travel.

Have a great weekend, everyone :*

Anita x