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Thursday, 7 November 2013

One girl, two cups

For people considering booking me and anyone generally curious, this blog is to let you know that I am booked in for a boob job sometime 25th November - 6th December, exact date TBC later this month.

I currently have a 34 A/B and will be coming out with a 34C/D, or at least I will do once everything has settled. I'm investing top dollar in getting the most high-end top-drawer Rolls Royce of breast implants from the best British surgeon to specialise in the "natural" look with minimum scarring. No Barbie doll beachball look for me! I totally respect people who want that look, but it's not for me, and I've consulted with specialists around the world, including Dita Von Teese's surgeon in LA, to ensure I get what I want.

Did you know Dita has breast implants? After speaking to her surgeon about the technicalities, this is the sort of look and size I will be ending up with.

I know that some art nude photographers don't book models with breast implants- if you are one of them, please book me this month or forever hold your peace!! Email

My last remaining available PRE-OP dates are all this month (November) @ £170/ half-day or £280 per full day + travel outside of London:
  • 8th
  • 13th
  • 14th
  • 19th
  • 20th      All now sold out.
If you couldn't give a rat's ass about the contents of my boobs as long as they look in proportion with the rest of me, nonetheless note that after the procedure I won't be shooting any boobs-out work until February, maybe even March. I want to give them PLENTY of time to settle down and make sure they look absolutely perfect before showing them off to the world!

If you'd like to register interest in booking me for a boobs-out shoot in 2014, please email me to let me know that you'd like me to give you a no-obligations nudge when I have pictures of the new boobs and am ready to get to work: I know how indelicate "boobs-out shoot" sounds, but I don't know how else to quickly say "anything involving visible nipples"; I could still shoot things with my lower half nude as long as the top half remained implied, kind of like the opposite of "topless levels". "Bottomless levels"! :D

I will be relaxing and recuperating at home in vintage loungewear with my cats and lots of tall glasses of pink grapefruit juice in December, under nutrition and skincare guru Juliette Scarfe's supervision, and not even doing my own housework, so no shooting.

In January and February, I will be available for work up to "art nude with implied topless" levels, i.e. what I usually do, but with breasts obscured in the final photos. I will be available to shoot from home, as well as travelling out to studios and locations, and just to spice things up a bit, may make some unique hair extensions to give me a temporary new look and cover my breasts during topless shoots, giving me more freedom to pose. I used to be a professional fake hair crafter so my dreads will be of an excellent standard- think Elle Black, but ginger- right now I'm thinking fiery coloured glitter dreads, maybe with some hot orange and pink rexlace thrown in :D *cough* I totally think someone should book us together btw *cough* ;)

The dread extensions will come out in March (perhaps I will turn them into hairpieces) and it will be business as usual, but with new measurements: 36-25-36.5. You're damn right I'm excited.

Anita xxxxx