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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

B&W nude by Marcus Jake; a calm moment in the chaos

Some days, this is how I feel.

Shot in "the surreal room" in Wiltshire yesterday by Marcus Jake

 Luckily, today isn't one of those days :)

I thought I'd write a quick blog this evening as I'm shooting for the next eight days solid, day and night, with only a day off to pop back to London for a consultation with my surgeon before heading off again for more work. In fact, the only time I definitely still have available this year is 2.20-4.20pm on Saturday 16th November at Fine & Dan Dee Studio (book it here). Now sold out.

Things are so busy right now that my agent's started taking shoots for me in the middle of the night, because in the daytime I'm not available, because I'm already shooting every single day. I don't mind though- all the shoots I've been doing have produced great results, e.g. Marcus' wonderful photo above. Legendary health guru Juliette Scarfe of Bare Skin Beauty is overseeing my nutrition and keeping me extra healthy and energised to meet varying demands atm. I love her so much. My skin totally wouldn't look like that if it weren't for her products. Maybe I wouldn't even be getting all this work at all.

I'm probably going to take the whole of December off work. I'll be resting up and preparing myself for a really spectacular year in 2014.

This year I realised: beauty isn't just for the beautiful people, it's for anyone that wants to create it.

You ain't seen nothing yet ;)