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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Then and now: #ThrowbackThursday and Vogue Italia

You know the kickass b&w nude I posted yesterday? Well, today Vogue Italia picked up another photo from the same shoot and published it on their site! The shoot was only 48 hours ago.

Photographer: Marcus Jake

And as it's #ThrowbackThursday today, here's another nude portrait of me from four years ago, by Darren Birkin. I think it's almost the same pose, but from a different perspective, yet it's such a different picture.

Good shoot today, doing my best Marlene Dietrich impression for a Parisian photographer in my 1930s lounge, wearing a vintage lace blouse trimmed in masses of black feathers.

Three looks to shoot in 5 hours tomorrow: fashion nude, latex and bridal, with me styling as well as modelling. For now, I'm sating my Breaking Bad addiction and drinking detox tea :)

Anita x