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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

#WardrobeWednesday feat. Lady Allura, Fabulously Fetish & Heavenly Corsets

I'm taking my time writing this blog as I'm so happy with the pictures that I want to make sure that the text surrounding them is perfect :)

These are from a recent shoot with a photographer I'd never worked with before called MrGlen in a London studio. We're already planning more projects for the new year! We had chatted about what we were going to do in advance via email in the usual pre-shoot way, but other than that, hadn't had any contact, yet I feel like he really captured my essence in a way that hasn't been done before, within minutes of shooting.

I know I look completely different in every picture you see of me, which is why industry people call me the Chameleon, but these pictures show how I look to myself. The first one especially is really what I see when I look in the mirror.

I never normally worry about sharing photos in my blog and so on but this feels surprisingly intimate!

Our inspiration for this raw grainy style came from Peter Lindbergh, Sarah Moon (who started her career as a model!) and Paolo Roversi, all of whom just do their own thing photographically and made it look great.

Latex lace collar by Lady Allura's Latex

I can totally see some of my Italian genes popping out in this photo. 
Thank you Bare Skin Beauty products for making my skin good enough for this raw grainy style!
Channelling Isabella Rossellini.
Corset by Heavenly Corsets, shoes by Fabulously Fetish

I have some more photos from this shoot that I will share soon, I just felt that these three somehow went together.


I feel like every time I update what I've been doing since I last wrote to you, I keep saying "insanely busy. INSANELY BUSY" like a very boring parrot,  but it really is the most accurate description of life right now (busy, not parrot), and I'm thriving on it. I'm one of those people who loves nothing more than to write an extensively detailed To Do List and then check off each item as I complete it.

I've always enjoyed the sense of a job well done, and luckily I have a job where there is really no ceiling on just how well a job can be done. There is no such thing as a photograph so perfect that it couldn't possibly be improved or even just altered a little to give a different effect! I find that thought exciting.

Even when I was 16 and my major source of income was cleaning hotel rooms for £3.50 an hour, I made sure each room was the best it could be. Nothing irks me more than a job done in a half-arsed fashion! I throw myself 100% into everything I do, whether I'm shooting, working out, cleaning my house, whatever. It'll probably kill me one day but I like to think it's due to being a passionate person :)

Lots of love,

Anita x