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Monday, 13 May 2013

Oh hai! I'm the face of starvation diets in fashion, btw

So here's another photo from my latest shoot with Callan Tham in Singapore! I was trying to "think curvy" ;) (You might have already seen it on Tumblr) and I also posted it in this little drama unfolding on Tiny Nibbles about my so-called "weight"... again.

This time it was over the Vivienne Westwood/ Dans La Vie fashion film I made with Marie Schuller, Oyster. Sigh. Apparently I'm disturbingly thin and look more like a starving African child than a grown woman. Are you getting this??

Why people are suddenly horrified by healthy self, I don't know, but I felt the need to defend myself and the director as I really think it's not cool to bash women's bodies in the media for a multitude of reasons... and I think this shot illustrates that I do have a healthy quantity of muscle and stored fat!

Maybe it's just that my photos and films have wider reach than they once did when they were more or less only appearing in my blog to an audience of 50 hits a day! And those 50 presumably liked what they saw or they wouldn't have stayed :) So I'm used to having an easy ride. I'm still so happy and grateful that I have all these opportunities that I didn't have before though, like getting to work with all these amazing people and have my work appear all over the world now, so it's definitely worth the inevitable little backlashes along the way :) And many thanks to everyone who reads my blog now, whether you were here from the beginning or just joined today, it's great to share all this with you!

Photographer: Ken Young. Yep, I eat really well, work out, and I'm happy with my weight :)

Anita xx