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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Vivienne Westwood by Andrew Dewael for #WardrobeWednesday, with thanks to Marlene!

So here's one of my most favourite shoots that I've done to date!

I was approached by Andrew Dewael for a fashion shoot inspired by the 1930s movie style of Marlene Dietrich, which was to be shot entirely on black and white film using vintage and Vivienne Westwood wardrobe at London's historic Hazlitt's Hotel. It's a beautiful old style hotel where all kinds of people have stayed, from famous C18th courtesan Teresa Cornelys, to JK Rowling!

The process of the shoot was super exciting and old school. We used video lights, and Polaroids to test them, just like they did in the chic and glamorous days before digital photography! I even kept the Polaroids after the shoot as a souvenir. I'm not allowed to share them online, they are a special momento just for me :)

Here are the final photos...

I notice that one of the shots is the current homepage image on Andrew's website :) I hope we get to shoot together again sometime.

 Our shoot location!

After the shoot, I was very kindly given the Baron Willoughby Suite (above) for the night as a "tip", so of course, I got straight on the phone to Roswell Ivory so we could kick back in it with some wine and catch up in our own private lounge, before having dinner and then chatting ourselves to sleep in the beautiful C18th carved oak bed :)

The next morning, we had an organic breakfast in our lounge and then retired to the hotel's library with coffee :) My girlfriends and I often don't get to see each other too much as we're always shooting in various parts of the world and sometimes have to make the effort to make time, but it's always worth it ^_^ Yaaaaay.