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Friday, 10 May 2013

It's #FetishFriday! Let's indulge our high heel shoe fetish with Fabulously Fetish & Ducati!

I hope you like the slightly new layout of my blog! As well as adding photos from this year's Asian Tour to the top, I have also added a 'Recommend on Google' button (look right)! I think it means that this blog will get more hits if you click it, so please do if you like my blog :)

Here is the new blog header photo again, minus the writing!

Photographer: Callan Tham | Shoes: Fabulously Fetish | Styling: me!

This was shot at the photographer's home in Singapore. This was something like my seventh shoot with Callan, including workshops; we just seem to get better and better every time :)

This next shot was also taken in Singapore last month (apologies if you already saw it on Facebook!). Ducati Singapore once again lent an incredible limited edition bike for my photo shoot while I was there! Thanks guys, it certainly presents a new challenge and I love the photos we've got so far!

Bike and leather jacket: Ducati | Shoes: Fabulously Fetish | Photographer: Matt Neeskins | Hair and makeup: me again :)

I've updated with even more new photos; I will blog them eventually, of course, but if you want to be the first to see them, visit now!