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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Industrial Nudes by G Haskew

I have something pretty unusual to share for this week's #NakedSundays! I recently shot with my friend G Haskew at this incredible empty industrial space. I sort of look like I've been Photoshopped into a Giger-esque computer-generated image, but no, I really am there!

Click the images to see larger versions ^

Nerdy fact: an episode of Red Dwarf was shot here, hence the biohazard sign on the top right! I watched it as soon as I got home because I may or may not have the box set

Notice the shadowy figures that have appeared on the right- must be ghosts ;)

I've been thinking about this summer's trip to Ireland today; think I might go in late June/ early July, when the weather's a little warmer. So if anyone in the UK would like to book me next month, I'll actually be here! You can email me or join me on Facebook.

I'll round off by sharing some Giger art work; seems appropriate :)

It would be so cool to do a full suspension bondage shoot along this theme, with silver dreads and full body makeup on a set with other models woven into tons of industrial tubes and wires and *faints*