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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Team ADB Going for Gold!

Well, I just wrapped another two straight days of modelling for Jerry Ghionis' portraiture workshops at the lovely Bloomsbury Hotel in London. It was great to be working with the world's #1 wedding photographer again, catch up with Melissa and make some new friends :) I could REALLY use a month off to catch up with myself though, but it doesn't look like that will be happening anytime soon- I just finished making all my arrangements for this year's Asian Tour! I will be visiting Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and possibly Jakarta over November and December! I am so excited to shoot at these exotic locations with great photographers that so few Western models have access to!

Goodness knows when I will find time to do my Christmas shopping, though! I love to shower my friends and family with all sorts of gifts over the holidays! I would love to figure out a way of doing the same thing to you..! Any ideas how (or what)?

I just got these photos back from my shoot with Rayment Kirby, a highly experienced photographer who I always love working with! He and his wife, Pru, are such fun people, and their hospitality is great too (we always shoot at their place). I have many a kooky diet preference but the main three things I try to stick to are NO land animals, NO cow's milk and NO white flour, purely for health and beauty reasons, and Pru always remembers and cooks us something nice for lunch <3

In my head I've been calling these "the golden girl pictures." The effect on the skin reminds me of the ads for Dior J'Adore perfume with Charlize Theron. Coincidentally, J'adore is my favourite perfume and I was actually wearing it while was posing for these photos- almost the only thing I was wearing! I did the styling ;)

Shoes are from Kurt Geiger!

Speaking of nudes, it looks like I might be producing my own nude 2013 calendar! At least, that's how the voting was looking, last time I checked! Please do treat me to your opinion on whether it should be a latex, sexy lingerie or nude themed calendar on Facebook!

FetishEyes produced an "Anita De Bauch Tribute" calendar for 2012 that was all heavy rubber, so I'm of half a mind to go for lingerie or nudes this year, but not if everyone is still hungry for more rubber ;) I want the calendars to be accessible to everyone so will exert all my power and influence to ensure that they cost no more than £5 each! Everyone deserves a little glamour and sexiness in their home or office to last the whole year through, am I right? If I could give them away, I would!

Love and kisses,

Anita xxxx