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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lady Lucie Latex, art nude location shoot in beautiful Somerset, and general waffle!

Do you find that everything on the internet seems to take you about three times as long as you thought it would? I'm not talking about pages loading slowly or anything, I'm talking about time literally seeming to pass at an accelerated rate and/ or html coding being a lot more fiddly and contrary than you thought it would be.

It's just taken me the best part of two days to update (for the love of God, please go and have a look at it and ooh and ahh over the minor alterations and new photos, or even just pretend you did and leave a comment saying "looks nice" so that I don't go insane), my ModelMayhem portfolio and to post "studio provided" and "studio not provided" casting calls. Admittedly, the latter is probably the longest and most detailed casting call I have ever written, but still! I have redecorating to be doing!

My new 1940s silver screen-inspired bedroom is nearly complete :) This is the "mood board" for what it will look like when it's been done, if you're interested!

Today we painted the new floor to ceiling bookshelf, so I can arrange all my books, hats, perfumes and pictures on it tomorrow. We also have a new king size bed! Thank goodness! We can't actually sleep in the bedroom until the paint is dry though, as it's really toxic stuff to breathe in (must remember to buy eco paint next time!). For the time being, our little nuclear family (me, boyfriend, two cats) are camping on our living room floor, along with all my belongings. It's surprisingly cosy, actually, like camping, but dry!

Latex: Lady Lucie | Photographer: Alistair Wright | Styling: moi :)

Dexter doesn't understand what's going on but hopes the giant cat basket, which he kindly allows us to share with him and his sister, will last

Oop, just been told that I'm going to be in a big house in the Somerset countryside 19th - 21st August! I know some really stunning locations for art nudes nearby, so if you're interested in shooting some location nudes on a mountain, in the forest and the ruins of a witch's cottage, all on the same day and for £250, please email! I'll write a proper casting call tomorrow but I thought I'd just mention it here first while I think of it, in case any photographers are reading! :) I've got some lovely new hair flowers and floaty skirts that would look so beautiful and nymph-like in those surroundings ^_^ I could also bring my new designer wedding dress- it could look very cool with the skirts blowing on top of a mountain!

We might even be able to shoot some boudoir at the house, too, which has a very nice newly redecorated double bedroom. I'll be bringing my Sphynx cats along too- they're devilishly handsome and make for great co-models!

If you are a photographer, model, stylist or other industry-type person, you should join my "PRO" Facebook page! It's not just for professionals to join, but rather refers to the fact that I only post "pro" industry-related stuff in there, not endless stream of consciousness babble like I do here and on my fan page ;) I not only post my own casting calls, but if I see any casting calls from other people that I think look good but I can't apply to for some reason (e.g. I have the wrong stats or I'm unavailable on the requested date), I share them there for other models to apply for, if they want to. Share the love, that's my motto! ♥ A thriving community is beneficial to us all!

Anyway, I'll stop pimping myself now and go and shower the paint out of my hair! A glamour girl's work is never done!!

Lots of love,

Anita xxx