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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Land, Sea and Hair

I've been very busy since my last blog, but thought I would give myself a moment to settle down on the settee in my vintage satin robe and share a little of the last few days with you :)

I popped up to Scotland over the weekend for a shoot at Pavilion Studio in West Lothian, which is owned and run by photographer Barrie Spence. I've shot with Barrie before but this was the first time that I'd seen the studio and I was very impressed with it! It was warm, clean, well laid-out and well-equipped. I had three photo shoots in one day there (8 hours altogether) in great company, so it really was a very pleasant getaway! I will be able to share some of the photos, including Lady Lucie latex and Playful Promises lingerie, very soon, so subscribe to my blog now if you don't want to miss it (top right of this page)!

I watched about half of the Olympic opening ceremony with Barrie, his partner Fiona and shy Labrador Molly, and enjoyed it more than I expected! I even found the bit at the beginning with the suffragettes and soldiers very moving! It's easy for me to be cynical and forget just how much this country has evolved and contributed, considering how small it is. We became a non-slave-owning, atheist, openly gay, scientific, anti-fascist, artistically progressive culture with votes for women relatively early on and I like to think we are still progressing now!

It's a shame that they didn't make reference to important British scientists like Charles Darwin, or the UK's (relatively) thriving LGBT/ queer culture, but I suppose you can't have it all. You know that if I had been organising the event there would have been plenty more latex, 6" stiletto heels and fully fashioned seamed nylons! If you like those things too, then you'll love what I have in my Shop right now!!

Here is a brand new picture, as a reward for you if you actually read all that waffle up there ^

It was taken on the hot, sunny streets of Singapore last December by Singapore's leading photographic team, CaKe! We always shoot together at least twice when I visit Singapore and are already discussing our upcoming shoot this December!

Photographer and wardrobe stylist: Callan Tham @ CaKe! | Hair and makeup: Kenny Tan

On the theme of street fashion, I also have an outtake from a more recent shoot in Camden with my cat, Dexter! It was the first shoot where we've been officially booked to model together and my little boy did me proud! Can't you just tell that this photo was taken in England and not in Singapore?! In fairness though, it was taken at night!

 This has got to be my most successful Mohawk to date! I got this new hairspray and it's like spray-superglue. It kicks the arse of both Elnette and Schwarzkopf, my preferred brands up to now!
Photographer: Donald Ogg | Styling: me! | Male model: Dexter ;) | Assistant: Jo

Little bit of nerdage: the alley we were shooting in is the very same one that Edgar Wright used to shoot the famous "fake gun fight" scene in Spaced. Conveniently, it also happens to be outside my favourite Camden pub, The Black Heart *nods*

Also this week was another first: my first underwater shoot! I was really lucky to get to do it with my model friend Ivory Flame (Holly), who is not only amazing at modelling in general but experienced in underwater modelling specifically, so she actually coached me through the whole thing, from emails before we even got there, to wrapping me up in towels at opportune moments and recommending breathing and relaxation techniques, to texting me after the shoot with further advice and encouragement

It was a very exciting day for me as the learning curve was so steep! Although I don't panic in water at all, the first few photos looked more like I was drowning or had just fallen into the pool and was having a laugh, rather than graceful and ethereal, but by the end of the day I was promptly counting myself in and dropping to the bottom of the pool to pull poses with Holly that would have been impossible on dry land!

I will share the photos when I have them, but for now, here is a little behind the scenes snap I took of Holly and the photographer testing the lights- underwater!

Underwater modelling is so addictive because of the physical challenge and your sudden ability to float! I hope I get to do more! I have tons of ideas, including being a mermaid and floating around in a long silk dress!

Let me know if there is anything that you would like to see me do underwater..!

Love and kisses,

Anita xxx