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Saturday, 18 August 2012

You can never have too much EctoMorph latex, but you *can* have too much information!

Home from three lovely shoots at the new Scarlet Door Studio in Bracknell today. I like shooting with new people and checking out new studios :) Here is a snap of the last look of the day (you've probably already seen it on Facebook), which I styled myself!

I call it the electromullet!

I'm sorry to those of you who didn't like the messy picture of me in my last blog. I know that my usual 'look' is perfectly groomed, primped and styled, but honestly, when five hot guys from a famous supergroup like AxeWound tell the makeup team to mess up your hair and cover you in blood and bodypaint, you go with it! I like the idea of letting rip and going crazy once in a while! Don't we all need to do that sometimes?? If nothing else, it helps me appreciate being clean, groomed and elegant all the more!! It's nice not have syrup up my nose, food dye on my teeth, and to not be constantly sticking to things right now, for example!

Here's a little over-share for you: the day after the AxeWound shoot, I honestly thought my period had come on early, but it turned out to be fake blood- i.e. red syrup- that had presumably worked its way in while I was straddling bleeding things and was now working its way back out again. Yes, really. I give a whole new meaning to the term "sweet pussy"!

Well, now I'm bathed and dressed once again, here's a photo for those who prefer a more "traditional" Anita- you know who you are ;) This is from a recent EctoMorph latex fashion shoot with photographer Darren Birkin, and I did the hair and makeup myself (apologies if you've already seen it on Facebook or Twitter). EctoMorph are a very well-established latex label that dress celebrities like cult actress and singer Eileen Daly! This is the second time I have been invited to shoot for them and I hope they will offer to wrap me up in beautiful latex couture again soon!

 For personally signed posters and 8x10s of me wearing latex, please browse my Shop!

Isn't the location fabulous? I didn't realise until I arrived that it was the home of my burlesque bombshell friend Banbury Cross! Isn't it a small world? Her apartment is absolutely fabulous; a converted ballroom full of vintage furniture, taxidermy and even antique dentistry equipment! It was like a beautiful little living museum and I would love to shoot there again (*hint hint* to any photographers reading this, hee hee)!

 This is only one half of the room, as I couldn't fit the whole thing into one photo, but isn't the ceiling lovely?

I also got to meet Banbury's pet ferrets after the shoot. They are so pretty! The girls, anyway. I don't know if I've ever met a boy ferret, but she says they are bigger and smellier! Good to know!! I still prefer my freaky little hairless babies though... here is one of them, my little lady Lilith, fast asleep in her PJs in front of the fire:

The cats and I are catching the train to Somerset tomorrow to visit my boyfriend at his parents' house for a family weekend in the countryside! I think the kitties will love chasing butterflies in the garden and no doubt being spoiled rotten with scraps from the barbecue party! I'm really looking forward to it all!

Lots of love,

Anita xxx