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Monday, 20 August 2012

Studded latex by EctoMorph, photographed by Darren Birkin!

I have another incredibly busy week coming up, so I thought I'd write to you now, while I have some time to dedicate to it!

Both tomorrow and Wednesday I will be at a certain famous London hotel modelling for the world's #1 wedding photographer, Jerry Ghionis, who is visiting all the way from Australia to teach portraiture workshops! On Thursday I am modelling latex and lingerie in London and on Friday I have a fascinating art nude project based around a poem by Leonard Cohen to sink my teeth into! It sounds like it should be a really beautiful day :)

On Saturday I will be scouting out a romantic outdoor location for my own bridal fashion photo shoots this summer (stay tuned!) and on Sunday I am modelling for another workshop at a cool old foundry location. The next day, Monday, I will be back to shooting latex again, one of my favourite things! Latex is so fun and colourful, and so photogenic! It makes one's body look like a cartoon superhero drawing, in a good way, and the shininess makes it look really three-dimensional on a two-dimensional plane (i.e. a photograph). Check out my 8x10s and signed copies of Alt fashion magazine if you don't believe me!

Here is a new latex photo shot for EctoMorph, which you might have already seen on, if you're really on the ball!

I LOVE STUDDED LATEX! Must order some soon <3 i="i">
Photographer: Darren Birkin | Wardrobe: EctoMorph | Hair and makeup: me

The stockings were great- they didn't roll down once! I think Darren is editing some more of these photos as we speak, so subscribe to my blog now if you want to see them! It's free and it's easy and it's at the top right hand corner of the page :)

Until next time,

Anita xxx