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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

So, this is what I got.

1)  News that a photo of me by Simon Gauduchon was selected to appear on on 12th December and may well be published in Italian Vogue magazine in 2012 :D

2)  Four days off in a row at my mother's house in the beautiful Somerset countryside with my family :)

Lilith and Dexter having their first Christmas <3 

3)  Christmas presents! I got some adorable ones this year, including the Sex and the City complete shoebox set from my brother, the iPad 2 in a baby pink leather case from my father and these gorgeous vintage china trios from my mother :)

The pink set is from the 1930s and the white is Victorian <3

I got lots of other lovely vintage inspiration for Christmas too, so I'll have plenty to watch while I'm experimenting with new hairstyles :D

The cover girl of Style Me Vintage looks familiar... anyone know who she is?

4)  Speedy stomach/ thigh/ arm toning courtesy of three Pilates sessions in a row on Christmas morning, Boxing Day and this morning ^_^

5)  Christmas food, my favourite! Turkey, potatoes, tons of veggies, my homebaked mince pies, clementines, sherry, cheese, red grapes, apples and plums, red wine, Be Good Christmas pudding with Alpro Soya cream, cinnamon-spiced hot chocolate, smoked salmon, champagne! <3

6)  Liam and I had an early gift exchanging session when I got home from KL on the night of the 21st December <3 I got him some JPG aftershave, a dark blue Kindle cover to match his trench coat and a watch, and he got me a fab selection of books to feed my little brain with :) Freud, Jung, the new Daniel Clowes and some Discworld books too, which I always love! I've already started reading Freud's analysis of Leonardo da Vinci and it's fascinating!

Genius #1 on Genius #2

I'm off to Exmouth for a shoot with a returning client tomorrow and then back home to London on 30th December, ready for my shoots on 2nd and 3rd January :)

According to my schedule, I then have a week off in London before a week's work at the SWPP Convention. If I don't get booked at the last minute then I will probably spend my week off having a big, therapeutic clear-out of all my stuff and donating a bunch to charity, getting post-Christmas beauty treatments, hitting the sales with Hannah Ashlea and maybe visiting an art gallery or two :)

I hope everyone had a great Christmas with their loved ones and is looking forward to NYE! :D