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Saturday, 31 December 2011

My New Year's Resolutions

What are your new year's resolutions or goals?

Mine are:

  1. I will visit a country I have never been to before. I'm guessing it will be China and/ or Indonesia, but I'm open to suggestion!
  2. I will go to a gypsy jazz club
  3. I will ensure that my book on freelance modelling, The Ugly Girl's Guide to Becoming a Model, is published the way I want it to be published ;)
  4. I will get better at doing my hair
  5. I will visit Tokyo again and learn to say a few more things in Japanese
  6. I will continue to prioritise healthy eating and sleeping
  7. I will gain a basic understanding of economics. All this talk of "double dip recession" and "recession/ depression" etc is making me feel incredibly stupid as I've been hearing it on the news for years now and still don't know what any of it really means or whose fault it really is
  8. I will get back into the swing of my weekly pilates/ aerobics/ yoga routine, after two months' travelling
  9. I will try and cultivate my brain in the form of classic novels, psychology textbooks, art gallery and museum exhibitions, music and poetry recitals, attending lectures, visiting sites of historical interest etc etc once a week
  10. I will read and actually understand the Wikipedia page on photography. Considering how much time I spend in front of a camera, it is scandalous how little I know about the process behind it!
As we look forward to 2012 and turn our backs on 2011, I leave you with pictures of my butt from a shoot for the Lux Tenebrae catalogue that I did with Adam Robertson :)

Happy New Year, everyone! I'm off to celebrate with Liam. We have nearly two months' worth of catching up to do over a champagne dinner and fireworks over the Thames :D