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Tuesday, 20 December 2011

原宿: De Bauch does the Harajuku District, Tokyo!

I got the overnight flight from Tokyo back to KL yesterday for another shoot with Edwin Goh last night, my second shoot with him on this trip :) Here's one of the shots from the shoot we did in KL nearly six weeks ago, my first in Asia this year:

 Latex: Lady Lucie | Styling: me

I was half considering wearing this dress to the Harajuku district on Sunday morning until I actually arrived in Tokyo and realised it was far too chilly in December!

I've had a minor obsession with Harajuku street fashion since I started modelling and got my hands on a copy of this gorgeous photography book:

In fact, I found the unrestrained and entirely visual self-expression so inspiring that I started wanting to get photographed myself... the rest is history ;)

On Sunday I finally got to live my personal dream of seeing the Harajuku district for myself!

Entrance to Takeshita Street. It was like a small Japanese version of Camden Market :)

 The best-dressed girl in Harajuku! Those half-trainer, half-maiko platform shoes were everywhere. I'd never seen them before :D

 I thought that people were just wearing their pants really low until I saw these low-crotch trousers for sale!

Goth/ emo dudes who were a bit shy about being photographed but very sweet. Bless!

All I can say is that I am definitely going back to Tokyo next year if I possibly can. It's such a cool city with such a varied and fascinating culture!