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Thursday, 22 December 2011

"We can't find a way out of the lingerie section!"

Home again, home again, jiggety jig!

I'm back home in London, having enjoyed a night in my own bed with my man, muesli for breakfast, lots of snuggles with the kitties, a choice of my whole wardrobe rather than just what fits into a suitcase, a completely new manicure, homemade mince pies and the Father Ted Christmas special, some of the things that it is worth being in the UK for ^_^ I'll also be seeing Binky later so that we can exchange gifts and have a good catch-up!

Here are the last of my phone photos from my first trip to Tokyo. I went snap-crazy :) There are yet more to be downloaded and re-sized from my camera, including from my first tea ceremony!

 Old school taxi in Asakusa, the area I was staying in

Otanuki-sama, god of the art of public entertainment

Street vendor in Asakusa
 Once he'd sold some snacks, he just picked up his shop and carried it down the road :)

 Shops in front of the Sensoji temple, where I bought a LOT of pretty painted chopsticks!

 The Tokyo streets are full of vending machines. Some shops like this one even contained nothing but vending machines

 KFC flavour crisps :s

 Shibuya at night



 Beautiful Autumn foliage in the Imperial Palace Gardens

 One of the many crows in Yoyogi Park on Sunday morning
 Sumo wrestler I met in Ueno

 I missed entry time at Ueno Zoo by 20 minutes so I didn't get to see the pandas, but I did find this drinks machine that dispensed hot cans of hot chocolate, which was almost as good

 Cruising on Tokyo Bay <3

Toy shop at Haneda Airport

Toy shop at Haneda Airport

I think Liam's poaching salmon for dinner to go with the Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge. MmmmmmMMMMMmmmmmmm!