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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas, De Bauchees!

I'm at my mother's house in the beautiful Somerset countryside for a traditional family Christmas with a new addition- the cats! They officially became too old for kitten food while I was away in Asia. Sob! They grow up so fast!

They are loving their first Christmas, with an open log fire to snooze in front of all day, plenty of salmon to eat, decorations to play with and more people than usual to cuddle them and rub their bald little pot bellies!

Anyway, as usual I was snowed under with modelling work in the run-up to Christmas and completely failed to arrange a Christmassy shot for my blog. This is the most festive new modelling photo I could find, from one of my many many shoots in Asia over the last two months :p

Photographer: Lem Cheng Hai | Bra: Jane Doe Latex, latex thong: Cathouse Clothing | Styling: me

Next year I am determined to post all my fans individual, personal gifts to their homes. Yes, really! I just didn't have time to organise it this year; but next year, look out!

Wishing all my friends and loved ones a merry Christmas and a De Bauched new year!

Love and kisses,