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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Buffies Catalogue

Since this afternoon's shoot has now been postponed until tomorrow morning, I thought I'd post some photos from a recent shoot for Buffies catalogue with Martyn Davis at Adrian Pini Studios :) I'm looking forward to doing more shoots for Buffies as the clothes are just so fun to wear and shoot, and I was pleasantly surprised by the prices on the website, too. My insider tip for buying these corsets is to buy one size smaller than you think you need, as they are generously sized :)

Hair and makeup by me!

My haircut still looked super dramatic from just having had it cut and coloured for a shoot for HOB Salons. It's amazing how much it's already grown in just two weeks! oO I'm thinking of maybe trying to lighten the golden blonde section to white the next time I have it coloured... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!