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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Peculiar Heavenly Lovechild

I'm back in London from maybe the most chilled four days of my life!

I was in Tenerife with my mum, my bro and my man and spent every day swimming, sleeping, eating paella, drinking San Miguel (seeing as we were staying in San Miguel), sleeping, taking photographs (instead of being photographed!), sleeping, eating and sleeping. I am now in the process of blasting off the 2.5 lb I gained in seafood and sloth-hood (go go gadget pilates and veggie soup!) and resizing my millions of holiday snaps ready to post in my blog ;)

But, before I bore you completely senseless, check out these far more professional photos taken by Christel Stol at a Light Spot Studio workshop, as "teased" in my last blog!

Hair: Ghoulia's Peculiars
(remember her from the awesome wigs in my Festival of Sins flyer cover?)
Makeup: me
Wardrobe stylist: Christable Stol

*********STOP PRESS!*********
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Now it's off to bed so I can be up bright and early for pilates and Special K followed by a client meeting in the evening at the Chloe Jasmine Whichell/ Damien Lovegrove book launch party in Soho :) I just need to decide what to wear!