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Saturday, 19 March 2011


A couple of teasers from recent shoots... for those who are currently having problems viewing my Facebook fanpage (the bug was reported to Facebook on 18th March) and for those who are simply bored with refreshing their inbox/ lurking on internet forums/ watching lolcats on YouTube and have thus wandered on to reading my blog to pass the time until food, sleep or work forces you to leave ;)

Firstly, one from my second shoot with Martyn Davis at Adrian Pini Studios, featuring Lady Lucie Latex and my new blonde hair!

And secondly, one from my shoot with Christel Stol at Light Spot Studio, featuring Heavenly Corsets:

Had a lovely day with Gemini Rayne today- long lie-in after our 8 hour shoot yesterday (me modelling, her hairstyling), followed by lazy vegetarian lunch and a trip to Covent Garden for shopping and Snogs, Camden for more shopping and then home for Covent Garden soups (fittingly) and skinny cocoa ^^ We're having another "sleepover" at mine tonight, then off to Light Spot Studio for a shoot with Dan Hubbert tomorrow, yay :) Unless I get a last-minute booking for Monday or Tuesday, that'll be my last shoot before I go on holiday on Wednesday.

I'm really looking forward to sun, sea and sand with teh boyfy and a good re-charge of the batteries before I'm back on the photo-trail in April :) Please email me at with inquiries for April and bear in mind that I might not have internet access until I'm back in the UK on 28th March (back in London on the 29th) :)