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Friday, 4 March 2011

Blue skies from Singapore :)

Had a fun day in Essex yesterday shooting a hairdressing video with Stacey Broughton for My Hairdressers and the USA's ScissorBoy (I've been tagged in some behind-the-scenes photos on Facebook, if you'd like a little preview!). I'm doing SO much hair work recently, it's crazy! I was asked to attend a casting on Wednesday for the Wella Trend Vision competition but have a horrible feeling that I'm not going to get it because my hair is too short from all the hair jobs I've been doing >.< Kind of sucks as I really wanted to work with the photographer, in particular, and the styling team is going to be really top-notch. Oh well :/ it was nice to be asked.

On a cheerier note, I got some photos back from one of my shoots in Singapore in November with Callan Tham at the cool and quirky New Majestic Hotel :)

My fellow Britons may be confused by the colour of the sky in this shot. It wasn't done in Photoshop- sometimes the sky is actually blue and not grey, believe it or not!

 Fully functional outdoor bath on a balcony! Want!

Today, I'll just be prepping for tomorrow's shoot at Light Spot Studio, where I'll be getting dressed up as some sort of non-cheesy Queen of Clubs, apparently. Wheee!

EDIT 5.30 pm: Just got a call from saying that I did get the hair job I wanted after all, w00t! I'll be modelling 'Polaris' for HOB Camden's entry to the Wella Trend Vision 2011 competition on Tuesday and Wednesday with John Rawson. Can't wait :D :D :D