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Monday, 23 August 2010


The photos from the shoot I was commissioned to do for Festival of Sins with Team Binkertson are starting to be published now and I'm on the cover of the flyer for "Wrath" on 9th October, as well as on the Festival of Sins homepage :)

L-R: me, Dee Bee, Ella De Vine. Amazing giant wigs by Ghoulia Peculiar!

 Cheeky screen-grab!

And a closeup of the photo itself:

Am I wrathful or just about to sneeze? :p

It looks like I'll be shooting 10 am - 7.30 pm on 9th October so may end up being too tired to actually go myself! We'll see...

I am SO tired after touring Scotland for a week, arriving home at 2 am today then leaving the house 4 hours later to do a full day's shoot in Kent! Luckily the photographer was very relaxed and laid-back so I got plenty of breaks and nommy food to keep me going, hee hee ;) I'm shooting in London tomorrow then coming home and staying in bed for 24 hours with laptop, tea and pyjamas, methinks!