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Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Nose Day. Donating is good for your health. Honest!


I had various grandiose fund-raising ideas such as a giving a cheap modelling seminar at a London studio (ladies, there are just SO many tips and tricks I could share!) with all proceeds going to charity or doing some manner of sponsored activity but as usual, my time was filled up with work and travel plans so I just chucked some money at them via the website. You should too, and not just because they play you this unique video of Charlie Brooker not being a sarcastic arsehole, for once! Skip your night out drinking this week and donate the money that you would have spent- that way you'll be doing both your liver and disadvantaged people across the UK and Africa a huge favour and won't actually notice the difference to your pocket!

According to their website, it only costs £1.20 to save a Ugandan child from dying of Malaria. That's the same as a single bus journey in London oO So why not walk to work today and donate the £1.20? Not only will you actually save some poor, sick kid, you'll be hauling your butt cheeks up off the backs of your knees and doing your heart a favour as well.

Or take a healthy packed lunch to work and donate the money you would have spent buying lunch at Costa/ the greasy spoon/ McDonald's. Everyone's a winner!

Or you could be boring and just buy a red nose or two, although you can wear them wherever you like...

Making a surprise appearance at the SCN Glasgow Networking Party! © Gerry Quiff

If you donated or got involved in any way, leave a blog comment! I'd love to hear all about it :)