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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

EVEN MORE art, fashion and fetish nudes from Spain!

They just keep coming! It seems we had a ridiculously productive week :D

My shoot today has been postponed (with perfectly good reason on the part of the photographer) until 1st September, which is mildly annoying as I could have stayed on the continent and explored some more of Germany or visited my friend Maxime Avet in Lille, but on the plus side it means I can catch up with my blog ;)

And a behind-the-scenes shot John Tisbury took of Greg shooting me on location!

Note silly sticking-out-butt-to-make-it-look-perkier pose, lol
More from John:

I made John take this one because I thought the rope marks on my arm looked pretty :)

I've also got some AWESOME latex photos sitting in my inbox from my fashion trip to Europe at the weekend! I want to wait till I've got the full set before I post them all together but it's so hard to resist the temptation to post just one................................ ;p