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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

'Babes in the Wood', Bizarre magazine

I'm in the latest (August 2010) issue of Bizarre magazine in a double page feature on legendary fetish fashion photographer Emma Delves-Broughton's latest book, Kinky Nature, a sequel to the fetish classic Kinky Couture :) I totally recommend buying it, it's only £15 and full of shiny colour photos of pretty ladies playing in the woods!

I just got home from today's shoot (got some exciting news from it to report later!) and am too tired to walk to WH Smith to buy Bizarre, but fortunately the lovely Ruby True sent me this photo <3 Thank you!! :*

Trust me to be the one messing about in the top right corner! :p

My first ever paper publication was in Bizarre... it seems so long ago now! This latest article opens by describing Ulorin Vex and me as "sex bombs". Who are we to argue?? ;p

Plan for rest of day: drink tea, read The Wasp Factory and listen to the iTunes playlist Liam made me (just hearing the phrase "mix tape" makes me feel about 100 years old now!) :) :)